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This page is inspired by my portrait series title LeFemme. These are paintings that would come to me at the end of the day after working on another piece of art. I realized that they were helpers in a sort of way, alters who had been a partner in the creation process.

Along my life journey I have met such men and women who are in a body temple. A world of wonderful unique teachers, lovers, sisters and brothers who could also come from other mothers, colleagues and an embodiment of friends.

What an inspiration to have so many touch my life, I could not think of a greater gift of sharing them with you! Those who are in a body temple and those who have embodied themselves in paint. 

It is my most sincerest pleasure for all FLYGIRLS and FLYGUYS to share with us in social media and in this blog all that is unique and strong to enhance the lives of others.

My Fly Girl is a collective of people around the world who live free. Confident in their own personal style and what they want from life. Their life is a big adventure for creating life and its experiences. Fly Girls and Guys are all ages and from every part of the globe. Follow us in Social Media on Instagram @4myflygirls and Facebook Myflygirl, click like, share and post. Looking forward to virtually meeting everyone.

Feel free to comment, post, share and follow us in social media @Myflygirl for Facebook and @4myflygirls for Instagram.

I look forward to seeing all of your FLY Worlds from all over the WORLD!

Artist Yvette Michele



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