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I absolutely fell in love

Instagram Insta Stories gave me a way to share with you the fun and quirky things that 

I see everyday.  I hope you enjoyed the glimpses of the daily life of a FLYGIRL.

The Miami 48HFP wrapped up this weekend at Yvette Michele Studio (Home of MYFLYGIIRL) See the video below to know what is all about.

Found some me time, self care is always FLY. I watched A Dogs Purposes, Fences and Hidden Figures.  A FLY Girl always gets her beauty sleep, especially with a long week of travel.

I think My FLY LIFE could use a new adornment on my front door! ijs

FLY Products

Exactly What is The Miami 48HFP

Every year around the world teams of people get together to create a film in 48 hours. Screenings are happening this week at The Little Haiti Cultural Center. Honored to be a Broward Venue sponsor for all of the FLY Film Makers

Aviator Sunglasses


FLY GIRL's always protect their eye world. Sunglasses are needed on sunny days and overcast days. Keep those precious peeps enjoying all that they can see. 

FLY Crowns Wide Brim Beach Hat


All of MYFLYGIRL's know that to love the SUN is to be dressed for the sun. Your face and eyes are super sensitive to heat and light. Why not get 2 for 1 with our wide brimmed fashionable sun hats.

Cool FLY GIRL Brella


Come rain or shine the COOL FLY GIRL Brella will protect you in both Worlds. Original art inspired umbrellas from our in house artisan Yvette Michele will be a sure hit in your FLY World. 6 styles to choose from

Stay tuned as we share more of the FLY GIRLS World. 

This was a wall in the ladies room from a little cafe that is across from the beach. FLY words

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