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There are many things in this life that have changed over time. There was a time that the world did not talk about disease or anyone that was not "quote on quote" normal. There were lots of whispers about you know.... and your know... and how pitiful. If you dare asked one would say well you know "He/She is special" I always would think aren't we all? Many would be shamed in social settings or not have social life because of these things unknown.
Join us for my 30 Day Virtual Au-Mazing Fest! We're talking Autism awareness and acceptance here: #acceptautismfest#igniteyouraumazing
What a blessing to live in the 2000's where we can openly learn about everything and embrace differences. Dr Alisha Griffith is having an Autism Awareness fest during the month of April to share her journey as a Autism Mom and a Business Coach.
Gearing Up For Summer
Remember to live your best life. Self Care is acceptance and FLY. We are gearing up for summer. Fun in the sun, beaches, walks and a world of outdoor activities. Remember to protect your eyes and skin with UV products, Sunscreen, Sunglasses and hats. And yes you can still by FLY Fashionable while protecting your most precious assets. (YOU!)

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