Mama - The first of Alter Ego's Inside the art of Yvette Michele

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Portraits were not a thing that would be regular for me to paint or draw. It had been a while since I had picked up a brush after losing my husband and lover Harold. The faces and portraits would be something that he would do. I had purchased oil paper and had intended doing something more abstract as a first try to oil on paper.

One evening I had some paint left on my pallet and decided to test the paper and Mama was the first to appear. Little did I know then that she would be the first of the alter ego’s that would come to assist me in my paint world.

At the end of the day and all that has come through me; there is room for some new friends. These ladies appear from the paint that is on the pallet at the end of the evening. Just when I thought I could do no more, here they come dancing off the brush before I sleep. 


I had so much fun painting these originals I have selected a few to become functional art. Enjoy Mama and her functional art life.

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